Readytex presents: René Tosari

PARAMARIBO–René Tosari is a well-known artist who has made his mark on the art world in Suriname but also in Holland and in other countries internationally as well. Many who remember Tosari from the beginning of his art career, for his graphic work and his politically and socially motivated art from the 70’s and 80’s.

Tosari describes himself as being an experimental artist, an artist who above all aims to create something new in every work of art and to consequently achieve a higher level of skill.

All the traces of the artists well known temperament are still to be recognized but in the past ten years there’s a total new orientation in his work. His enthusiasm to paint is unchanged, but the keen expressions, the former rational communication, the archaic human figures against their social background are gone.

Also gone are the political ideological struggle of the masses and the romantic portrayal of their fighting hero’s. With the same intensity Tosari now touches deeper than the materialistic and social context, with almost no figuration, except for corn and ants. Color, energy and experiment are the brand of Tosari.

The technique he perfected -combining different kinds of paint such as oil and acrylics – give the work from this artist a unique structure and mystic character. The central theme of his recent art is often the interplay between man and animal in nature. With these works of art Tosari hopes to achieve an increased awareness with regards to the importance of our nature and especially of the essential role our Amazon habitat plays to the wellbeing of our planet.



Readytex Art Gallery is happy to include Tosari’s latest “out of stock” works,  installed in its main rooms.