Rinaldo Klas in international roaming expo opening in London

PARAMARIBO–Work of visual artist Rinaldo Klas will be featured in the international exhibition ‘Circus Terminal’. His work will feature among that of 41 other artists from different countries, that will travel the world to venues in multiple cities around the globe. 

Readytex Art Gallery, which Klas is affiliated to, sent out the invitation on behalf of the organizers. The Gallery says that his participation is yet another spin-off from his 2009 artist in residence experience at the Vermont Studio Center in the USA, and the vibrant network he subsequently became part of.

A collaborative touring art expo, ‘Circus Terminal’ for 2012 and 2013, launches on April 10th in London UK as an ongoing international exhibition and touring project, that will take work of 42 artists from 12 different countries to Spain, France, Myanmar, Thailand, Newland, Japan and USA.

Its invitation reads: “Circus Terminal will endeavor to turn the world’s individual components into one delicious cake that will celebrate the differences and similarities of all human beings and who they are through their art. This is a radical ongoing project that brings together artists with highly varied backgrounds, irrespective of whether they have been to art school or not. Scheduled to depart from boundaries from all across the globe, the show will be gathering evidence of life journeys. We aim to build new relations and spread the idea of artistic self-reliance. Local artists at each of our ‘Stops’ will be taking part”.

Rinaldo Klas stands among Suriname’s top artists today. His dynamic figurative work is characterized by bright colors and strong faces of animals, people and the colorful rain forest, to sound warnings that the Suriname rain forest should be saved. Klas heads the prestigious Nola Hatterman Institute of Fine Art. Speaking about art a few weeks ago, he said “My art is influenced by the things that I value most in my direct surroundings. Man and nature; the interaction between man, animal and nature are a constant source of inspiration for me. Art to me is more than just the painting of a “pretty picture”, but more importantly a social responsibility. It is my opportunity as an artist and ultimately my responsibility as a human being to convey an important social message to the rest of the world.”